Smarter Golfers
Shoot Lower Scores
Now you can get more out of
every lesson. Become a
Smarter Golfer and enjoy
a variety of benefits designed
to lower your scores.

Maintain a readily accessible history of
all your lessons, complete with drills
recommended by your instructor along
with additional teacher comments. Track
your performance with the Smarter Lessons
Stat Tracker or view your swing videos
whenever you like. Participate in the
Smarter Golfer eGolf Community with
chat, forums, your own URL and more.
You’ll also have access to the USGA Animated
Rules of Golf whenever you like.
Become a Smarter Golfer today at and watch
your scores improve.

Your Subscription Includes
  • V1 Home Premium Swing Analysis Software
  • Stat Tracker
  • Instructor's Drills & Comments

Your annual subscription to Smarter
Students includes the V1 Home Premium

Use the Analyzer to retrieve your golf
lesson swing videos that have been
captured by your instructor and view
them anywhere you have internet access.
You can review the teacher’s notes or add
your own analysis by drawing lines, boxes
or circles as well as adding your own text
notes. Play your swing in slow motion or
pause to examine any position in the swing
you would like to check.

Capture your own swings to video using
your DV camera and computer* and then
use the Video Swing Analyzer to view and
analyze your own swing between lessons.

*Camera and computer not provided with the software.

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